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Ideal Lingua Translations is a leading translation services provider dedicated to providing the highest quality language solutions at very competitive prices. It is an Indian translation company with its head office in New Delhi, India. 

We combine the expertise of professional translators & interpreters, editors and project managers to provide expert solutions to each client's linguistic requirements. Translations are carried out exclusively by mother tongue translators carefully selected according to their specialization and experience. The use of advanced tools for researching terminology further ensures that our translators keep up to date with the linguistic changes of the sectors in which they operate. We work round the clock. This ensures that we are able to meet your translation requirements in a timely manner. Deadlines, once agreed, are strictly adhered to.


We do General Translation, Technical Translation, Legal Translation, Medical Translation, Website Translation, Marketing Translation, Literary Translation, Certified Translation and Audio & Video Translation. It includes translation of Patents, Contracts, Brochures, Medical papers, Websites, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Power of Attorney, Wills, Academic Degree, Diploma, Adoption Papers, Immigration Documents, User Manuals and Service Manuals & Instruction Leaflets.

The Languages we translate:

Indian Languages

Asian Languages

African & European Languages

Angami, Ao, Awadhi [Bihari], Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Bodo, Coorgi, English, Garo, Gujarati, Hindi, Hmar, Ho, Jaintia, Kannada, Kashmiri, Maithili, Manipuri, Mao-Naga, Marathi, Malayalam, Nagpuri, Nocte, Oriya, Panchparganiya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

Burmese, Bangla, Cambodian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Dari, Farsi, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malagasy, Malay, Nepali, Pashto, Sinhalese, Thai and Vietnamese.

Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Farsi(Persian), Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Israel, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Zulu, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish.

The types of translation services we do:-
Legal Translations Services
We provide translation of Legal documents to be used by Law Firms, Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Government Agencies. Our Language certified translation service is for the official translation of documents that have to be presented to official authorities for legal purposes. The need for legal document translation can arise in a number of different situations, from the finalization of a large international business deal to the construction of a new production facility on foreign soil, or the simple relocation of employees from one company site to another across national borders. 
Legal translation requires very specialist knowledge to ensure that there is no ambiguity in any of the target language getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion, frustration, undue delay and a huge cost. For your peace of mind we only use translators who are suitably qualified to translate legal documents, into their mother tongue. Whether you require the translation of a contract, summons, complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape, you can be assured that the translated document we return to you will be 100% accurate.
Your documents are translated and checked by our certified translators with legal background. Some common documents of our certified translations include:

Licenses and Permits Translation
Court judgments Translation
Wills Translation
Academic Degrees and Diplomas Translation
Immigration Documents Translation
Banking Law
Construction Law
Communication law

Divorce Certificates Translation
Power of Attorney Translation
Real estate & Leases
Adoption Papers Translation
Birth Certificates Translation
Civil Procedure
Property (Law of)
Industrial law

Foreign Applications
Trademarks & Copyrights
Expert Reports
Medical Reports
Copyrights Law
Marriage Certificates Translation
Environmental Law
Protocols & patents
Company Law


Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us and is not exposed to any third party. We have maintained our high levels of service since inception and our clients from across the globe have trusted us for several years.


Business Translation Services

At Ideal Lingua Translations, our business translation service incorporates a multi-disciplined approach involving translation experts in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and law. In many instances, we have several experts work on one translation project to ensure that it accomplishes your objectives while protecting you from potential liabilities. Our business translators are handpicked and are recruited after comprehensive tests. Our expert business translators are some of the most qualified in the translation industry. We choose our translators based on their linguistic aptitude, education, prior work experience, and past performance, as well as our own personal translation assessments. All of our business translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and proprietary lists of industry terms, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects. Because we draw from a large pool of expert translators, we are able to assign your project to someone who is familiar with the parameters of your project, and can use his or her expertise to create a more accurate target language representation of your source document.

We act as your partner for your business translations. We look at all elements of your business translation needs to save you time and money. We will provide you business insight into markets, from local language requirements to specific marketing translation nuances. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a startup with global or multi-cultural market aspirations, Ideal Lingua Translations is your solution for all of your business translation needs.

We are able to handle documents from a plethora of specialty fields within business translation. These areas include:

Commercial Law
Electronic Commerce

Government Ownership
Human Resources
Intellectual Property
International Trade

Mass Media
Organizational Studies
Project Management
Real Estate
Small Business
Strategic Management
Policies & Procedures

In addition, our professional business translators are able to handle almost any type of business document. Some of the projects we have handled in the past include:

Business Plans
Business Proposals
Business Reports
Diagrams and Schematics

Market Plans

Reference Documents
Release Notes
Requirements Documentation
Technical Papers
Training Materials

For more information on how we can help you with your business translation requirements, write to us today!



Financial Translation Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where an increasing number of companies are growing beyond national borders, financial translation services are becoming more common than ever before. This type of specialty translation is useful in a myriad of situations, including intra-office communications, international financial transactions, record keeping, and compliance with local laws. A variety of documents may require the attention of a trained financial translator, such as annual reports, shareholder information, financial market announcements, accounting information, and marketing materials that advertise financial services.


With the development of modern technologies, requirements to quality of technical translations keep rising from year to year; therefore, we cooperate only with the best technical translators throughout the world to provide translation services of the highest quality.  Financial documents or commercial documents are very important because they form the permanent record of your business and give you the data you need to make sales, pay taxes, and succeed in your endeavors. Specially, when it becomes necessary to translate your important financial documents into other languages, you need to be sure that all of your information is transmitted carefully and accurately. If there is even the smallest of mistakes, you could be out serious time or serious money. So, it is crucial that you entrust your important documents to a proven translation service.


We are able to handle documents from a plethora of specialty fields within financial translation. These areas include:

Appraisal / Valuation
Banking Services
Bond Market
Capital Budgeting
Capital Market
Cash Flow
Commercial Lending

Financial Consulting and Investigation
Financial Marketing
Financial Planning
Financial Risk Management
Information Services
Investment Banking
Merchant Services
Corporate Finance

Payroll Services
Real Estate Market
Spot Market
Stock Market
Structured Finance
Financial Records
Leasing Services


Accounting Documents
Banking Documents
Break Even Analysis
Brokerage Statements
Budget Forecasts
Business Plans
Cash Flow Documents
Collection Letters
Communication Plans
Corporate Publications
Credit Documents
Customer Surveys
Dispute Letters

Finance Balance Sheets
Finance Glossary
Finance Memoranda
Financial Dashboards
Financial Instruments
Financial Journals
Financial Projections
Financial Records
General Presentations
General Questionnaires
Income Statement
Intelligence Reports
Inventory Documents

Loan Documents
Mutual Fund Statements
Partnership Agreements
Pay Stubs
Pension & Profit Statements
Property Analysis
Purchases Screening
Retirement Documents
Savings Statements
Screening Records
Statements Of Procedure
Stock Option Agreements
Tax Planning Documents



If you need professional technical translations at affordable costs, then Ideal Lingua Translations is a service provider you are looking for.


Technical Translation Services
Working with technical documents is perhaps the most difficult translation specialty area because it demands a high degree of exactitude. Like technology itself, technical translations must be carefully crafted to meet specifications, with little room for error. In a global business environment that is heavily dependent on technology to function, this can have drastic consequences for any international organization relying on accurately translated technical materials. Our clients expect state-of-the-art quality and that’s what we give them.

Technical translation is specialized to a particular field, subject, profession or business and should be put into a category all its own. Technical documents can be anything from manuals to patents. Subjects include fields such as automotive, hydraulics, optics, engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical, kaizen), avionics, medical (equipment, hardware), science and physics, to name just a few. Because of its specialized nature, technical translations need to be performed by translators specialized in the specific field.

When translating technical documents it's essential that all the terminology is translated correctly. Technical translations require the skills of a professional who is specialized in the subject of the document. At Ideal Lingua Translation many of technical translators are former engineers, lawyers and scientists. But technical knowledge itself is not enough. Outstanding language and writing skills are needed to enable the translator to convey technical content in one language into another in a clear and precise manner.

We are able to handle documents from a plethora of specialty fields within technical translation. These areas include:


Aerospace Technology
Automotive Translation
Computer Science
Computing Technology
Domestic Technology
Educational Technology
Electrical Engineering
Food Production

Graphics Industry                      Network Guides
Information Technology           Operations Manuals
Infrastructure                             Policies & Procedures
Machinery                                            Repair Procedures
Manufacturing                               Reports & Proposals
Materials Science                      Reference Documents
Micro technology                      Getting Started Guides
Mining                                        Corporate Disclaimers
Music Technology                    Corporate Reports
Nan materials                            Design Documentation
Nuclear Technology                  Developer Guides    
Public Utility                               Feature Documentation
Robotics                                    Interface Guides
Sciences                                    Invention Documents
Underwater Technology           Scientific Reports
Visual Technology                   Specifications &Technical Papers


Transcription Services-
We offer you high quality and accurate transcription services for all your documentation needs. Transcription is the process of transcribing what is said in a business meeting, in an interview, in court or in a medical clinic by a doctor. It can also be the process of turning audio or video into text to be used or translated. Whether you need Legal transcription (court, hearings), Medical transcription (complete clinical research, appointments), Business transcription (meetings, seminars, conferences) or Media transcription or even a Movie transcription. We have professional transcribers who handle the projects with the Dedication, Care, and Experience you require. So, regardless of whether you are a medical centre or legal firm, a marketing company that transcribes focus groups sessions, or a university student requiring transcription of recorded interviews, all can benefit from the significant savings offered by outsourcing your transcription requirements to Ideal Lingua Translations.
At Ideal Lingua Translations, we accept any kind of audio or video formats that can be converted into the required form for transcription. So, you need not worry about the format that you have. The general transcription team at Transcriptions Service makes transcripts as per the client specifications. Each transcriber is uniquely talented and they are trained in different areas of transcriptions. Specialists are recruited for each type of transcription like legal and education transcription.
We can turn your video or audio files into text which can then be translated and inserted back into the video as voiceovers or subtitling. We work round the clock which ensures that we are able to meet your transcription requirements in a timely manner.

Ideal Lingua Translations’ transcription expertise includes following:                     
Medical Transcription
Medical transcription is a growing industry nowadays, dealing with the transcription or conversion of reports from voice recording to actual text. These voice-recorded reports are typically made by doctors and other health care professionals.
The efficient and timely recording of crucial patient information is very important in any health care institution, and this is why medical transcription plays a huge role. It is important for voice-recorded patient reports to be transcribed into accurate text, using accurate medical terminology, devoid of any grammar or spelling errors. However, not all health care professionals or physicians have ample time to transcribe all these recordings into quality and accurate recorded documents. Medical professionals may have some difficulty finding the right people to do the job for them. With the crucial nature of keeping accurate and well-updated patient records, finding the right people to accomplish the medical transcription job is a matter of extreme importance. Our medical transcriptionists have undergone the proper training and have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of clients from around the globe. Therefore, you know you are dealing with transcription professionals who understand the importance of well-delivered services. With our focus on quality and timely delivery, you are guaranteed of only the finest medical transcription solutions.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcriptions are basically written records of spoken language during legal proceedings. These transcriptions are often used to document such proceedings, and can be used as legally binding materials. As such, lawyers often use transcriptions to review and plan their cases.
We have legal transcriptionists who specialize in different legal fields and are very comfortable working with legal terminologies commonly used by professionals. If you want no less than an accurate legal transcription delivered on time, let us take care of your legal transcription needs so you don't have to worry about the rest.
Legal proceedings, reports, documents, and hearings are of very serious nature. It is through the law that people's rights, justice, and equality are upheld. For this reason, there are many different procedures, processes, precautions, rules, regulations, and laws that are used to help ensure the preservation and promotion of legal principles. One of the most basic tools used in this effort is legal transcription.


Interview Transcription
All Translation Services has transcription specialists who are well-trained and highly experienced in dealing with interview transcriptions for both local and international clients!
Interviews are a form of dialogue, wherein the interviewer asks questions that help gain information about certain topics. As such, they have long been an integral part of human interaction. You probably use informal interviews every day when meeting and getting to know someone new, or when you want to get information from someone. Aside from conversational interviews, however, there are also more formal and direct interviews with a more specific purpose. In most cases, that purpose is to get a better idea of the topic at hand or the thoughts and personality of the interviewee. No matter what the purpose or direction, it remains true that interviews are a powerful source of information that can be used to preserve and spread knowledge and experience.

We have well-trained interview transcribers, so we can guarantee that we have experts to handle interview transcription services. This means that we can transcribe recorded interviews of practically any kind, from educational or commercial to political or even philosophical interviews. Our interview transcription agency pays careful attention to details to ensure that your interviews are transcribed with the utmost care for accuracy, precision, and quality as well as fast delivery on time.


Movie Transcription
For all your movie transcription needs, we offer only the finest movie transcription solutions, delivered to you when you want and need them most. Our movie transcriptionists are highly trained and well-experienced, so you are guaranteed of the best results for each and every project.
The entertainment industry has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and this growth is not limited only to movies and television shows. It encompasses stage plays, theater plays and musicals, daytime soaps, and other types of multimedia presentations. Therefore, effective, high quality, and accurate speech to text transcriptions are very important. These text documents help entertainment professionals in the production of more creative materials and they are also crucial in the improvement of their craft. Script transcription is also deemed necessary, especially for videos and movies that require subtitles.
So whether you are a scriptwriter, a documentary director or producer, a production house manager, or simply someone who needs to have movie scripts transcribed into text document, it is important for you to find a good movie transcription agency. After all, not all movie transcription service providers are able to give the best attention to the minutest of details.
For more information on how we can help you with your transcription requirements, write to us today!




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We transcribe: Medical transcription, Legal Transcription, Media transcription, Interview transcription, Legal Proceedings transcription, Reports transcription, Documents transcription, Movie transcription, Talk Shows transcription, Tv Serial transcription.

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